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Top 10 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Top 10 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

French braid is not a new normal trend, it’s been used for several decades. Nowadays, this comes in the trend with evolution. Variations of French braids are coming in front of us. Doesn’t it look amazing on all outfits? Whether you are wearing a gown or casual wear, braids look fabulous with all. Rather than short hair, it looks more attractive with long hair or middle length hair. So, if you have long or middle length hair, this is made for you. 

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So, check out these top 10 French braid hairstyles for long hair to make with your next outfit.

  1. Double french braids

Cute and stylish hairstyle with a casual outfit looks beautiful. Just like two ponytails- one on the left and other on the right side, it has the same concept. Single french braid is well known but what about two. Well, it will remind you of your early school days when you tied two ponytails. This stylish hairstyle is in trend and appears so much on Pinterest. You have to middle part your hair and make one braid with half of hair and other with half of hair.

  1. Fishtail French braid

A gorgeous and stylish hairstyle that combines two braids in one. For this, start making the braids from the top of the head and now split the hair into sections. Take the loose hair and add in the braid and repeat this process until the end. On either side repeat this, when there is no hair left. Finally, finish with the regular fishtail braid.

  1. French braid with ponytail

Simple and cute french braid hairstyle when combined with a ponytail. This is quick to create and perfect for office or college going women. To create this, start making the braid from the top and make it as usual till the middle. Then combine all your hair and make a ponytail, depending upon whether you want a high or low ponytail.

  1. Side french braid

For those, who are new and don’t know much about french braids. This hairstyle is for you. Very simple and easy to create for newbies. Make a French braid only from the side front till the ear and tied with a pin. Then make a ponytail, braid or leave your hair loose. This should be created on only ends and lately experiment with the other side to find what works for you best. 

  1. French braid with bun

Combining french braid and bun in one hairstyle turns out to be beautiful and sophisticated. You can easily create the hair bun with a side or top french braid. To make it, start with creating french braid from the top of the head or side of the head then make it till the middle. Knot all your hair in one place either on top or low. This hairstyle looks good with occasion and date night dinner.

  1. French braid with bangs

Bangs look cute but what if you make french braid with bangs. This sounds great? French braid makes your face look flatter and to avoid this make it with bangs. Side bangs suit more with side french braids. Front bangs look good with double french braids. Both ways are good to go. To avoid flat and big forehead, bangs are a must to consider with braids.

  1. Reverse French braid

Reverse French braid is also known as Dutch braid that’s a great alternate option for regular french braid. Good option for the women who want to have a bold look or appearance. The main part is you have to pass the braid sections from underneath the hair rather than from the top. You wanna try this, make sure to use a double reverse French braid. Or, also known as boxer braid.

  1. Blonde french braids

Do you have blondes or highlighted hair? Well, french braids look detailed with colored hair. You can try simple or any of the options listed here. All the styles go well. Especially when it comes to the front and traditional one, it highlights every part of the braid beautifully. You can surely try this even with bangs and a side french braid.

  1. French braid pigtails

Want to turn something simple into a stylish french braid? French braid pigtails are great to go. You have to simply start from the middle part and make it till the back of your ears on each side. Instead of leaving the rest, tie the rest of the hair into two pigtails. This look is fun and exciting for weekends, outings, programs and so on. It also goes well with almost all hair length.

  1. Half up french braid

French braid combing with a half up hairstyle looks perfect for any occasion. To create this, make the style a separate section on top of hair, start braiding from the back of your forehead. Till the crown of your head, make the regular plait. Also, you can tie up with a ponytail and secure it with pins.


So, these are the 10 best hairstyles of French braids for long hair to try out in 2021. Which one are you going to try first? We would love to know.

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