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Significance of GATE Syllabus in Acing the Exams

Significance of GATE Syllabus in Acing the Exams

Acing GATE exams is more challenging than expected. Numerous GATE aspirants are waiting to crack the exams as it will help assess their understanding and knowledge of subjects in Science and Engineering at the graduate level. The GATE exams comprise 27 disciplines or subjects. The candidate can select one to two as per their preference and depending on the niche they want to pursue.

Meanwhile, there is a misconception that GATE exam scores are valid only for ME/M. Tech programmes at IITs and some select Institutes. However, that is not the case; GATE scores are also considered by several Public Service Undertakings(PSUs) for the recruitment process. It is also applicable for Fellowship Programs from CSIR and Scholarships in ME/M. Tech. Tech programmes with IITs. Hence, candidates often prepare most effectively for the GATE exams. The GATE exam syllabus is a convenient resource that helps the candidates to prepare most effectively for the exams. In this article below, we have compiled the list of benefits or advantages of referring to the syllabus while preparing for the exams.

How Important is the GATE Syllabus to Crack Exams?

GATE syllabi is an efficient resource to help crack the exams. Knowing the syllabus of the respective subjects or disciplines that are part of the GATE exams is the first step to preparing most effectively for the exams. Check out the pros of the syllabus here.

  • The syllabus constitutes the topics and units that are discussed under the subject.
  • Question papers for the respective subjects are prepared based on the syllabus.
  • Referring to the syllabus for a subject that the candidate plans to appear for helps them prepare for the exams accordingly.
  • About 15% of the marks are attributed to the Aptitude section of the syllabus, a compulsory unit for all the subjects.
  • GATE syllabus also gives an overview of the subject wise weightage analysis and marks distribution.
  • Candidates can also select the GATE preparation books based on the syllabus.

Other Reference Material for GATE Exams

Apart from the syllabus, GATE aspirants can also refer to a list of other resources while preparing for the GATE exams. We have compiled the list here for reference.

  • GATE textbooks for the respective subjects helps to study the subject and revise for exams
  • GATE previous year papers is the best resource to get an overview of the exam pattern
  • GATE sample papers / mock tests helps with time management and exam writing skills
  • GATE reference materials and notes also help to understand the subjects better

Any candidate who has mastered the syllabus and has a thorough knowledge of the concepts covered in the subject will find it easier to perform well in the exams. If a candidate aspires to appear for the GATE exam, they are advised to refer to these resources or study materials for best results.

All these resources are designed with some specific purpose in mind. These study materials help the GATE aspirants to crack the required exam and gain knowledge of the topics covered. With these resources, candidates will surely enhance their time management skills while also clearing up doubts regarding the subject. Doing so will also enable the candidates to perform well and ace the exams.

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