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How can foreigners apply for a Singapore employment visa?

How can foreigners apply for a Singapore employment visa?

Singapore is known to be one of the best locations to work in both for locals and foreign talents who has an employment visa. That is because Singapore houses the biggest companies from all kinds of industries. Companies from industries like mining, engineering, and healthcare are present in Singapore. Their existence in Singapore has made it possible for it to be one of the best economies in the world. It has a stable and resilient economy making it an attractive choice if you want to set up or expand your business. 

These businesses present many job opportunities not just to Singaporean locals but also to foreigners. Interested candidates should apply for an employment visa to be able to legally work in Singapore. If you wanna know more here are the things that you have to know in applying for an s pass Singapore permit or any kind of visa. 

General requirements

If you want to work in Singapore you have to apply for a visa like an S pass Singapore visa. To qualify for the different kinds of employment visa an applicant should have a job offer from a Singapore registered company. This company will serve as the individual’s sponsor or employer once they are in Singapore. 

A candidate who is applying for an employment visa should be at least 18 years old to be able to legally work in any Singapore-registered company. In addition, they should be passport holders from their country of origin. This passport should be valid upon application and during the period of validity of the employment visa. 

When the employment visa is already approved they are not allowed to take part in other business or start their own and Singapore. They are also only allowed to work in the specified job description or position that is specified in the employment visa. 

The residents should also always be at the specified address during the work visa application. Foreign individuals who wish to marry Singaporean citizens or permanent residents can only do so with the approval of the ministry of manpower. 

Types of visa

Employment pass

This type of work visa is applicable to working professionals. They should be working in the level of director, executive, or manager positions. The Singaporean government also allows individuals who have a specialized job offer. This type of employment visa is valid for 1 to 2 years and can be extended up to 3 years upon renewal.

If an individual is interested in getting this type of employment visa they should be earning at least $4500 at the date of their application. Since this is a professional level type of job there also required to have a university degree. Additional training and certificates are also more preferable and could get you a higher chance of securing an employment pass. 

Foreign individuals who will qualify for this kind of employment visa can bring their families to Singapore. They’re legally married spouses and their unmarried children under the age of 21 are eligible to apply for a dependent pass. 

A dependent pass allows individuals to also work with any Singaporean registered company. Their employer is the one who is required to apply for them. If a dependent pass holder wants to work their employer should submit a letter of consent. 

Personalized employment pass

Individuals can qualify for this kind of visa if they’re already an employment pass holder. This type of visa is a modified employment pass that gives the holder more benefits. That is why the first qualification is to be an employment pass holder. The individual should also be earning at least $18,000 on the date of the application. 

However, you cannot qualify for this kind of employment visa if you are under the sponsorship scheme. Freelancers or foreigners who want to work on freelancing cannot also qualify for this kind of work visa. One of the benefits of this kind of work visa is that an individual can stay in Singapore for up to six months even without a job. They are also not required to apply for a new work visa when they want to change employers.

S pass

For the S pass Singapore permit, eligible individuals are mid-skilled foreign employees.  Mid-skilled individuals are those that are working as waiters flight attendants technicians truck drivers or taxi drivers. 

The S pass Singapore permit demands foreign employees to have a fixed monthly salary of $2,500. If individuals are older and more experienced a much higher salary is needed to qualify for the S pass Singapore permit. 

The candidate should also have a degree or diploma that is relevant to the job that they’re applying for. However, Singapore can consider technical certificates like courses for technicians or other specialized drops. The certification should be one year worth of full-time study. In addition to this, the Singaporean government favors people who have relevant work experience and training.


Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to try their luck and expand or set up a new company in Singapore. The right type of visa for business owners is the EntrePass. You can apply for this kind of visa if you have started or has an intention to start a private limited company in Singapore. The company should be venture-backed or something that presents innovative technologies.

Your business entity should be registered for less than six months on the date of the application. If the business is still not registered during the application for the EntrePass then this may be done after the application.  There is no minimum salary required for this kind of visa. During the first issue once it would be valid for one year. Validity can extend for up to two years upon renewal.

Apply today

Singapore offers many possibilities and opportunities even to foreign individuals. So, working here or setting up your own business in Singapore may be beneficial. If you are interested in applying and any kind of work visa it is highly advisable to get a third-party agency. They can help you process your application faster and more efficiently.

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